10.25.11 Jennifer & Jihoon’s Wedding – Adorama Rentals and Lightroom

My fiance’s colleague at Teachers College and dear friend Jennifer Lee got married to her boyfriend of two years 2 Tuesdays ago on October 25th in Manhattan. The wedding was done in court with very few close friends, and I had the honor of taking photos for their wedding and reception. Big shout out to Scott Tsai (who will also be the photographer to our wedding) for lending me some of his equipment! I also tried out for the first time Adorama Rentals to get my hands on a monopod. Now, I had my eyes on Adorama for quite a while, but three reasons have kept me away:

1) Adorama keeps a deposit for the full price of the equipment rented on your credit card,
2) Although pick ups have a daily option, if you want the equipment shipped there is a minimum rental of one week, and
3) there are no insurance options, meaning if anything were to break, you’re screwed.

In the past working for Wonton Creations, Adorama Rentals came up as an option when BorrowLenses start getting too expensive (on paper, Adorama is much cheaper), and I even considered driving into the city to pick it up, but the other two reasons kept us from choosing Adorama Rentals and we ended up sticking to BorrowLenses, which does not require a full price deposit, can be shipped for a three-day option, and have insurance options, even though the final rental price is more expensive. Now for this wedding:

1) I was only getting a monopod so the replacement deposit was under $300,
2) The wedding was in the city, so I could pick up and drop it off myself, and
3) because of #1, insurance wasn’t a big worry.

Other than the fact that the store is located in downtown NYC so getting there is a bit hectic, the renting process was very easy. The equipment itself had a lot of ugly marks of use, but other than that, its functionality was excellent for $13.Overall, I did have a decent experience with Adorama Rentals, but because of the chaos of traveling in Manhattan, I doubt I’ll be taking on weddings in NYC anytime soon, which also means I personally won’t be using Adorama Rentals anytime soon either. If the three reasons above don’t bother you, Adorama Rentals is worth a try.

Scott always told me to shoot in RAW than in JPEG, and being an amateur in photography I didn’t understand why. So for this wedding, I decided to go for it anyways. Afterwards, I downloaded the 30-day trial version to Lightroom 3.5 to try and use it for the first time, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful Lightroom was and how versatile CR2 (RAW) files were. I’ll include a few samples for your viewing pleasure:

Congratulations again, Jennifer and Jihoon! 🙂 

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