Jackie & Jason: “I Like You” Teaser Trailer

Jackie & Jason
Wedding Film Teaser Trailer
Ritz Carlton, Philadelphia PA
Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia PA
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Victor Lee and Simon Park

We started the last month of weddings this year in the city of brotherly love Philadelphia to capture the wedding of Jackie and Jason. This couple was the most relaxed and fun couple to shoot. During the photo session we couldn’t stop shooting because they kept having so much fun! They wanted the day to be a day of fun and celebration, and their playfulness and love for each other made it so.

All about their wedding, from their location to the choice of vendors, also reflected this: Jackie and Jason got ready at the beautiful Ritz Carlton, and said their vows before family and friends then partied the night away at the Please Touch Museum. It was a pleasure working with photographer Shea Roggio, and Angelina Costa of CTO TriBeCa for the awesome reception entertainment. Jackie and Jason also had Andy Greenlee from Celebration Paintings come during the reception to paint their wedding scene! Andy was both talented and a pleasure to talk to. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a little something different for your wedding. :) Victor Lee stepped up as second shooter and Simon Park came on as third shooter and glidecam operator for this wedding. I’m looking forward to piecing the final wedding feature film together. Until then, I hope enjoy this trailer!

Debbie & Adam: “Across the Pond” Short Film

Debbie & Adam
Wedding Short Feature Film
Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson
Music licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Dan Dai ( and Victor Lee

This love story is seriously right out of a movie. Debbie is a Chinese-American from New Jersey. Adam is from England. The two met in Switzerland when Debbie lived there for a work-assignment. They soon fell in-love, but Debbie had to move back to the states. They spent many a weekends thousands of feet in the sky traveling across the Atlantic to see one another. Finally, Adam surprised her at her apartment and asked her to marry her.

Debbie and Adam tied the knot and held their reception at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson. Adam’s family and friends flew in from England and made the party very exciting. The whole day was filled with tears and laughter, and it was fun witnessing these two families coming together.

It was a pleasure working with the awesome Clifford Cooper of Cliff C Photography, and CJ the DJ for the reception entertainment. Cliff was the chillest photographer I worked with, and I recommend him highly. I actually caught on video a great example of how wedding photographers and cinematographers should communicate and coordinate! I’m plannning on posting another blog post on that topic, so stay tuned (Thanks Cliff, I owe you a beer.) We had a great team for this wedding: best friend and fellow filmmaker Daniel Dai, and the talented Victor Lee for another wedding. We hope you enjoy this short film!

Amy & Jason: Teaser Trailer

Amy & Jason
Wedding Film Teaser Trailer
Rockleigh Country Club, Rockleigh, NJ
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Dan Dai ( and Victor Lee

Almost a score and a half ago, Amy and Jason met after Jason move to Amy’s school, and they fell in love. It came as a surprise to some that the bubbly, always-smiling Amy was attracted to the calm and quiet Jason. But perhaps opposites do attract, and throughout the entire day there was no doubt that these two were completely in love with each other. After being together for thirteen years, getting married seemed like the natural thing to do.

Amy and Jason said their vows before family and friends, then partied the night away at the beautiful Rockleigh Country Club. It was a pleasure working with Jessica of Jessica Lauren Photography, and Jay G of Elite Sound Entertainment for the awesome reception entertainment. The becoming-the-usual-awesome-crew Daniel Dai and Victor Lee helped me shoot this wedding. I’m looking forward to piecing the final wedding feature film together. Until then, I hope enjoy this trailer!

Karen & Kenny: Same Day Premiere

Karen & Kenny
As screened on 10.10.15
Wedding Same Day Edit
The Afters – Life Is Beautiful
Licensed by TheMusicBed
Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Frances Jeon and Victor Lee

Karen and Kenny met each other 13 years ago at the University of Buffalo. Karen fell in love with Kenny’s sense of humor, passion, and dedication; Kenny admires Karen’s caring and loving personality, and her willingness to stay by his side for 13 years and counting. The two vowed their love for eternity before family and friends and the beautiful W Hoboken. Karen and Kenny’s wedding was absolutely beautiful and a joy to capture. It was a pleasure working alongside Photographer Matthew Sowa and his team. Also, Cathy Ho and Exquisite NY held up an awesome party and were very accommodating for our Same Day Premiere needs. I highly recommend both vendors.

Cinematography: James Lee Films (
Photography: Matthew Sowa (
DJ/Entertainment: Exquisite NY (
Venue: The W Hoboken, Hoboken, NJ

The wedding day went smooth like butter, and that was a huge help considering this was a Same Day Edit wedding. We had Frances Jeon from James Jeon Films ( and our amazing Victor “Vango” Lee for our crew. I was uncertain with certain details as I haven’t done an SDE in awhile, however, I vowed to myself to make the best SDE I’ve made thus far (something I do every film). I believe I’ve succeeded. Not only did I create a solid film, but I color-graded and rendered it one hour ahead of schedule! More details will follow. :)

Jan & Andrew: Teaser Trailer

Jan & Andrew
Wedding Film Teaser Trailer
Grounds for Sculpture Hamilton, NJ
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Victor Lee and Erica Moon

Jan and Andrew met while in college – Jan was a student and Andrew was a TA. After years with “a myriad of obstacles,” as both Jan and Andrew wrote in their respective vows, they defied all-odds to be together. When they said that they decided to hold their wedding at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ, I knew I just had to be a part of this wedding. The Grounds were a special place in my and my wife’s hearts – we had our engagement photos taken there, and we recently took our baby there as well.

At first, the wedding day didn’t seem to go exactly as planned. But like a poetic metaphor of their relationship thus far, Jan and Andrew defied the odds and made their beautiful wedding go smoothly. Jan and Andrew’s calm demeanor and crazy love for each other got them through it all with ease. They couple held a beautiful ceremony outdoors among the sculptures, and celebrated the night away in the beautiful Rats Restaurant. Family and friends all had a wonderful time, and it was beautiful to witness it all.

It was a pleasure working with the amazingly-talented Christina of Christina Lilly Photography, and Frank Albert Dance Band for the reception entertainment. Christina was absolutely a joy to work with, and I highly recommend her. We had a great team for this wedding: Victor Lee stepped up to the challenge of second shooter, and Erica Moon joined us for this wedding. I’m looking forward to piecing the final wedding feature film together. Until then, I hope enjoy this trailer!

Abby & David: Teaser Trailer

Abby & David
Wedding Film Teaser Trailer
Waterloo Village, Stanhope NJ
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Dan Dai ( and Victor Lee

Abby and David met while attending Houghton College, and grew closer while on a missions trip to China. Although Abby comes from an Italian-American background and David was an international student from Korea, their love for Christ and sense of humor bonded them together. After receiving the blessing of Abby’s father, Rev. Joe Talone of Fardale Trinity Church, David proposed to Abby on Thanksgiving dinner with all of Abby’s family present.

When I met the couple for the first time, Abby and David expressed to me that their wedding video was very important to them because they wanted their love for Christ to be shared with the world. That through their video, they wanted to exemplify the Gospel. I prayerfully took on the wedding, and I’m so very glad that I did.

Abby and David tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Waterloo Village in Stanhope, NJ. The weather was perfect with the right amount of cloud for soft lighting and the right amount of sun and blue skies for smiling subjects. The couple held a foot-washing ceremony to be reminded of how Christ expressed his unconditional love and forgiveness for his disciples before they sinned against him – therefore reminding themselves to always love and forgive one another. Overall I was blessed to be a part of Abby and David’s wedding and was reminded of my own vows I made to my wife. Oh, how I love what I do!

It was a pleasure working with Mads Kobold of Madly Photography, who helped me open the door during the recessional, and Nissa and Matt of 3 West for the reception entertainment. We had a great team for this wedding: best friend and fellow filmmaker Daniel Dai, and the talented Victor Lee for another wedding. I’m looking forward to piecing the final wedding feature film together. Until then, I hope enjoy this trailer!

Youmin & YoonGuan: “Wrapped Up In Love” Short Film

Youmin & Yoon Guan
Wedding Short Feature Film
NJ Joyful Church, Fort Lee, NJ
Kean University: Liberty Museum, Union, NJ
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Dan Dai ( and Victor Lee

Turns out May was a month for friends’ weddings for James Lee Films. We started the month capturing Megha and Chirag’s awesome Indian wedding, and we finished the month with the wedding of our best friends, Youmin and Yoon Guan (Mike). I’ve known Youmin since middle school and were best friends since high school. I met Mike in seminary. and we pretty much took at least one class per semester together. After meeting through a friends gathering they started dating two years ago, and this year they decided to tie the knot. Both have assisted me in weddings before, so I think they knew the drill and what to expect from us. (See HERE and HERE for weddings they helped out). Perhaps it was because of this that I was motivated to go the extra mile and surprise them with an awesome wedding film that would blow them away. I don’t think the final product disappoints.

Youmin and Yoon Guan held their ceremony at their home church NJ Joyful Church in Fort Lee, NJ, and celebrated the night away in the beautiful Liberty Hall Museum in Kean University, Union, NJ. The day was filled with laughter and funny moments, the highlight being the ‘Unity Burrito.’ Y&Y looove Chipotle, and, at Yoon Guan’s request, Groomsman Rev. Michael Sparrow put together a beautiful liturgy that involved family and friends putting together different ingredients into the burrito, each symbolizing an ‘ingredient’ necessary for a healthy marriage. At the end, the wrapped that burrito and took a bite out of it. It was awesome. For this awesome feat, I think Chipotle should award this couple with free year’s supply of burritos or something (I’m seriously going to ask; I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes).

Y&Y’s wedding was also a time for reuniting and healing. Both sides of the family live far from each other, many coming from Korea and Youmin’s brother flying in from Vegas. It was especially touching to see Youmin escorted down the aisle with her father, whom she had not seen for many years. Many friends who have become like family over the years shared in their tears of joy.

We had a great team for this wedding: Daniel Dai and Victor Lee returned to make this wedding film awesome. Photography was captured by the talented Sally and Robert Pinera of Sally Pinera Photography, previously Reverie Supply; their dynamic as a husband-and-wife team was awesome, and it was a great pleasure working with them. It seriously made me miss my days working with my wife.

Overall, this was an amazing wedding, and I hope this film would inspire you to love more.
Congratulations again, Youmin and Yoon Guan!

Megha & Chirag: Teaser Trailer

Megha & Chirag
4.30.15 – 5.2.15
Wedding Film Teaser Trailer
The Westin, Mt. Laurel, NJ
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Dan Dai ( and Victor Lee

This is the second year where we had one special wedding in January, then didn’t really start the wedding season until May. This year, we started our string of wedding films with a beautiful Indian wedding of none other than Megha and Chirag- the couple who’s engagement film we shot last year. As we mentioned in the previous post, Megha and Chirag knew each other for about 13 years, and their families knew each other for as long as well. In the stories that were told, I learned that this marriage really wasn’t only two people who were crazy in-love making it official, but two families joining together.

Megha and Chirag’s ceremony began on April 30 at Megha’s home; then the festivities were held in The Westin in Mt. Laurel, NJ from Friday May 1 to Saturday May 2. The colors and celebrations were beautiful, and the love these two had for each other even more. The wedding days were full of laughter, joy, and love.

We had a great team for this wedding: best friend and fellow filmmaker Daniel Dai, and the talented Victor Lee joined our team for this season and made his JLF debut with this three day wedding. We’re very blessed to have him with us. Photography was captured by the talented Hanel Choi; it such a pleasure working with him again. Overall, this was an amazing wedding with many special events – I’m looking forward to piecing the final wedding feature film together. Until then, I hope enjoy this trailer!

Congratulations again, Megha and Chirag!

“Our Lives Our Births”: The Midwives of New Jersey Reality Series // Episode 1

We here at James Lee Films love shooting weddings, but they aren’t the only thing we do. In fact, the reason why we love weddings is because fundamentally we love telling stories that inspire others. That is why we jump onto projects like this one – here is a story that many people are still unaware of but if told, can truly inspire change in the way people see birth.

Julie and I gave birth to our first child through the Midwives of New Jersey last October, and the entire experience has been very educational and empowering. During Julie’s pregnancy I was so inspired by their story and philosophy that I told them what I do and that I’d be more than happy to shoot a short commercial for them. For awhile I heard nothing, and I didn’t think much of it.

Then a few weeks after Amy’s birth, Lisa emailed me and told me that she was interested in my services, and asked if I am able to make a reality show for them. No, I’ve never done that before, but I wasn’t one to turn down a good challenge. I sat down with Lisa and she poured out her vision for this reality series. I took it all in and began to break it down into episodes. My experience scheduling shoots and creating Columbia’s KSA making a Korean Drama series back in 2011 really came in handy here.

And this is what we came up with:

Here is what the Midwives wrote on their blog post:
“Midwifery continues to be an unknown profession. The word midwife still conjures up mental images of hippies or old grannies arriving at someone’s home to deliver their baby with a lot of boiling water and screaming in the mix. I am regularly asked the difference between doulas and midwives, and my answer is always“a weekend course versus a Master’s degree”. It is troubling to think that our image remains unchanged after so many years.

The Midwives of New Jersey are on a mission to raise the awareness of midwifery care all across the United States. We want to give a glimpse into a day in the life of a modern midwife in practice. Our Lives, Our Births-The Midwives of New Jersey is the pilot episode in a series of videos we have contracted to produce for the general public.

We want the show to be an entertaining and informative way to educate women about midwifery and childbirth and hopefully help all midwives gain more credibility in the eyes of the general public.”

(Read more here.)

More episodes are to come, so stay tuned! The fastest way to see them would be to subscribe to the Midwives Youtube Channel.
For more information on the Midwives of New Jersey, go to:

Nikki & Dan: “Korea to San Diego”

Nikki & Dan
Wedding Film Teaser Trailer
El Prado, Balboa Park in San Diego, CA
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Daniel Dai and Mike Huang

James Lee Films officially started off 2015 with our first destination wedding! While San Diego is still within the mainland U.S. and not considered ‘destination’ for some, it was certainly so for everyone involved from guests to vendors and even the bride and groom. Nikki is the sister of my beloved friend JR Pena, and it was an honor to be able to do this wedding. The first time I saw Nikki was in the form of a portrait done by JR leaning against the living room wall in JR’s home. JR always talked highly of his sister, but I never got the chance to meet her because she was always traveling. For awhile, she was in Korea teaching English – and it was there that Nikki and Dan met.

Specifically, Nikki and Dan met five years ago working an Academy in Anyang. Dan had been working there for awhile when Nikki came. Nikki was looking for a couch, and she asked Dan because apparently he knew where to get good used couches. Nikki is really good at chess, but Dan told her that she could beat her one day. Three months later, Dan said’ Hey, let’s have a chess match; I beat the computer.” They bet the loser had to cook dinner for the winner. Dan won – but Nikki convinced their friend Tracie to tell Dan that she’s a bad cook, and he ended up cooking anyways. The dinner was amazing, and slowly their love grew from there.

Dan grew up in Washington near Seattle and Nikki grew up in New Jersey. After transitioning from Korea to the U.S., they finally settled in Orange County and decided to hold their wedding in San Diego. It was a beautiful wedding not only because of the weather (in the 70s the whole time we were there) or the setting, but because people traveled from all over the world to attend this wedding. Nikki and Dan said their vows before close friends and family on January 2, 2015 at St. Francis Chapel in the Museum of Man in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA and held their reception at The Prado, all within Balboa Park. They held a photo scavenger hunt between the ceremony and reception for people to run around the park and take fun photos. Overall this couple was just lots of fun.

Quick shout-out to Paulo Salud Photography, who is always awesome to work with, and his second shooter for the wedding Justin Element. I highly recommend both photogs. Also big thanks to Undercover Live for providing us with properly mixed audio and running a party like none other we’ve seen. Also none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for Danielle Evans from Bridal and Event Lounge who planned and coordinated the event. She is a highly-organized planner and was a pleasure to work with throughout the day. Overall, we had an amazing team of vendors for this wedding.

Now, for those of you who’ve known me in the past, I’ve always loved working alongside Mike Huang and was sad to see him go when he left for Wisconsin. But because we had to fly to SD anyways, I thought of it as an opportunity and called him up to see if he was available. Sure enough, he was. Our James Lee Films Crew for this wedding was therefore awesome. with Daniel Dai and Mike Huang, JLF crushed this wedding. Honestly I had a hard time editing this trailer because there were just so many good shots (which is why the trailer edit is a bit longer than usual – still so much was not included). You’ll just have to wait till the feature film is out to enjoy this wedding film to its fullest glory. Stay tuned. :)

Congratulations again, Nikki and Dan!

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