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Megha & Chirag: Engagement Highlights Film

Megha & Chirag
Engagement Highlights Film
Blake Stratton – Leave On A Light (Instrumental)
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographer – Julie Selnekovic-Lee

Julie and Megha were friends since the first grade, and Megha was the Maid of Honor for our wedding. Whenever we hung out with her, she was always full of life and had a certain level of peace, like she’s got everything under control, and I always had high regard for her because of it. Then one day, Julie told me that she started seeing this guy named Chirag, who she used to date in high school. Now, before Megha and Chirag, I firmly believed that once a couple goes their separate ways, coming back together will never work out – this of course, completely changed when I met with the two of them. They told me how they were very young in high school, and the time apart let them mature and become better partners for each other. While the four of us were painting ceramics together in Philly, I realized they were perfect together – and I knew that if it were to ever happen, I wanted to film Megha and Chirag’s wedding.

On May 17, 2014, Megha and Chirag held an engagement ceremony at Megha’s home in Browns Mills, NJ. The day was not only a joining of two individuals but of two families as they shared their respective traditions. The day was fully of laughter, joy, and love.

Congratulations, Megha and Chirag!

Patricia & Ryan: Same Day Edit

Patricia & Ryan
As screened on 5.10.14
Wedding Same Day Edit
Ben Rector – When I’m With You
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Daniel Dai

Cinematography: James Lee Films
Photography: JR Pena Photography
DJ/Entertainment: Daniel Linares Entertainment
Venue: St Mary’s Church, Nutley, NJ and Highlawn Pavilion, West Orange, NJ

James Lee Films begun the wedding season a bit late in 2014, but these last few months we’ve been quite occupied with non-wedding video production works such as nonprofits and church media. We’re excited to share with you our first step into 2014 with our now quickly-coming line of wedding films with Patricia and Ryan’s wedding. Patricia and Ryan said their tearful vows on May 10, 2014 before God and many at St. Mary’s Church in Nutley, NJ, and finished the night celebrating at the Highlawn Pavilion.

Photography by JR Pena (

This wedding was such a blessing for the JLF crew. From earlier in the week, we were aware that the forecast for Saturday was heavy rain – and as the day approached the forecast eventually became scattered thunderstorms! We were especially bummed with the weather because the beauty of the Highlawn is that you can see the NYC city scape when the weather is clear. But Patricia and Ryan were cool and didn’t let the weather forecast phase them at all and simply focused on one another. The awesome, manly-man Ryan broke into tears as he saw his beautiful bride walking down the aisle. The amazing thing was, rain poured down heavily while we were in-transit from the church to the reception venue – but when we arrived and parked the car, the rain stopped and we saw several rainbows appear in the sky. Surely, God’s favor was over this wedding day! The rest of the shoot and night was full of love and joy.

Photography by JR Pena (

Photography by JR Pena (

Same Day Edits are always very difficult to pull-off and yet highly rewarding when you do. When we first turned on the video, not many people were there watching it – but soon a crowd began to gather, and laughter and tears ensued. When I saw Patricia and Ryan in tears to see their day and coming over to give me a hug, I know I did my job. Every time I make a film, I challenge myself to do better than before, and this time I feel as though I succeeded. Please, take time to watch the film and even the reactions of the couple below!

An another amazing thing about this wedding was that every vendor attached to this wedding was top-class and absolutely a joy to work with. Shout out to JR Pena for being an awesome photographer as always, and Daniel Linares for being awesome with holding a party and helping us run the SDE presentation. I highly recommend both of these vendors. Our crew consisted of my partner-for-life Julie, who was making a wedding film while making a baby, and good friend and fellow wedding filmmaker Daniel Dai from M3Crew helped us out. It being a Same Day Edit wedding, I wanted to make sure I had the best with me, and looking back I know I made the best choices.

Congratulations again, Patricia and Ryan!

Lina & Anthony: “I Belong to You”

Lina & Anthony
Wedding Highlights
Marie Hines – “Perfect Kiss”

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Sam Choi

Lina and Anthony were perhaps the cutest and most interesting couple we’ve met so far. Julie and I first met them at the lobby of their apartment in LIC. Their personalities were fun, animated, and later Julie and I grabbed coffee from Sweetleaf across the street based on Lina and Anthony’s recommendation. It was the best coffee I ever had, and I knew we had a connection with this couple right away.

The couple said their personally-written vows at an outdoor ceremony at the New York Botanical Garden on July 27, 2013. It was an honor working alongside photography legend Susan Stripling, and collaborating with her was smooth as butter. It also was amazingly helpful that Lina and Anthony took our advice and decided to have an unplugged ceremony. And yes, the guests obeyed the request and kept their phones and cameras away! What resulted was a calm, peaceful, and beautiful ceremony where everyone was fully-present.

Congratulations again, Lina and Anthony!

Jaclyn & James: Teaser Trailer

Jaclyn & James
Wedding Teaser Trailer
Sara Swenson – All Things Big and Small Instrumental
Tony Anderson – Hope
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Hayeong Choi

Jaclyn and James said their vows at the beautiful St. Rose of Lima in East Hanover, NJ and celebrated the night away at Meadow Wood Manor in Randolph. The whole day was full of tears and laughter, and just by the way they looked at one another you knew they were deeply in love and have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

Congratulations again, Jaclyn and James!

Unice & Glenn John: Same Day Edit

Unice & Glenn John
As screened on 10.5.13
Wedding Same Day Edit
The Ember Days “It Is Well”
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Hayeong Choi

Julie and I met Unice and Glenn John at our church last year, and I got excited when they asked me about wedding cinematography. What got me more excited was that they and asked Pastor John Meyers, who officiated our wedding, to officiate their wedding as well. I was astonished and encouraged to hear their story during the filming of their Love Story Film, how the struggles they had the past year strengthened their faith in God and brought them closer to one another. It was a blessing to have witnessed their vows at the beautiful Stone House at Stirling Ridge on the morning of October 5, 2013.
Glenn John really wanted a Same Day Edit for his wedding, to which I excitedly obliged. Their SDE film was screened in front of Unice, Glenn John, and their friends and family. It was a joy to see them full of emotions as they witnessed their day unfold.

Special thanks to Glenn from MPW who was a great photographer to work with and Paul Anthony for being awesome with our SDE presentation. Both were highly professional and working with them was smooth like butter.

Congratulations again, Unice and Glenn John!

Helen & Arnold: Teaser Trailer

Helen & Arnold
Wedding Teaser Trailer
Kerry Muzzey – Carlito and Gordito
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Hayeong Choi

Helen and Arnold made the cutest couple we’ve seen yet. The couple made their personally-written vows at the beautiful Nanina’s In the Park outdoor venue. Just the day before the weather was terrible with thunderstorms, but on the day-of the sky remained solid blue all day long. But the day was still wet with the tears of joy from Helen and Arnold. Seeing the tears when she read his card and during their first look, we were all able to see how much they loved each other.

I always like to highlight the photographer of each wedding because I understand how easy it may be for many photographers and videographers to butt-heads during a wedding day. Helen and Arnold’s photographer, Albert Cheung, was a complete joy and honor to work with.

Congratulations again, Helen and Arnold!

Lanlen & Ken: Two Films in One Night

This wedding was an amazing event for James Lee Films, not only because we got to witness Lanlen and Ken tie the knot after nine years together, but also because we premiered two films in one night.

The first was their Concept Short Film. When I met Lan and Ken for the first time they shared with me how they wanted to make a parody on A-ha’s “Take On Me” music video with a zombie twist to it. Right away I knew that this was going to be a fun couple to work with. Shooting the CSF was a great opportunity for us to get to know Lan, Ken, and their bridal party, and overall it was a really fun day in the city. Big thank you to Rahul and Sasha for letting us use your beautiful place. The piece was edited on Premiere and After Effects to complete the comic book effects; and it was screened right before Lan and Ken were introduced into the reception hall.

Lanlen & Ken
As screened on 6.8.13
Wedding Concept Short Film
An A-ha “Take On Me” Parody
Music used with permission

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographer – Hayeong Choi

The second film premiered was the Same Day Edit of the wedding day. Lan and Ken proclaimed their vows in the beautiful St. Joseph’s Church in North Plainfield, NJ and celebrated the reception at the Grand Colonial in Hampton, NJ. This is actually the first official Same Day Edit for James Lee Films, so I was both very excited and nervous at the same time. Luckily, there were long periods in the car moving between locations, and my partner-in-crime-for-life Julie offered to drive, so I was able to spend time editing in the car before finally arriving at the final venue. After shooting the couple’s first dance, I entered into full-editing mode and produced the film two hours after the reception party started, with a total editing time around three hours and thirty minutes. The stress that amounts to meet the demands to produce an SDE is great, but witnessing Lan and Ken watch as their day unfolded on the big screen certainly made up for all of it. Here is Lan and Ken’s SDE:

Lanlen & Ken
Wedding Same Day Edit
Stars Go Dim – “Now or Never”
Licensed by Songfreedom

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Hayeong Choi

Quick shout-outs to Ray Sison Photography for being an awesome photographer to work with, and Lifetime Entertainment for assisting in screening our films.

We will have reactions with the two videos up later this week as well. Until then, we hope you enjoy these films.
Congratulations again, Lanlen and Ken! πŸ˜€

Lizzy & Paul: Love Makes Beautiful Music

Lizzy & Paul
Wedding Teaser Trailer
Allie Moss – “Let It Go” (Instrumental)
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Hayeong Choi

Lizzy and Paul are musicians in a band together, and love makes beautiful music. This was evident in their non-stop smiling, singing, and stolen glances all day. Even the rainy weather didn’t dampen their attitude; it was wonderful to witness a couple so much in love. Lizzy and Paul were married at the beautiful Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY. Some of you may know, but Oheka is the estate that inspired Gatsby’s Estate in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Needless to say it was an absolutely beautiful venue. Quite a lineup of vendors for this wedding too with dMdC Photography, who were a joy working with; Janessa Pare with hair and makeup; A Touch of Elegance with flowers; MC Mike and DJ James from DDM Entertainment, and the Metropolitan Hot Club with reception entertainment; and Kara and Laura from My Bellissima with planning and making everything come together smoothly. We hope you enjoy this short teaser trailer to Lizzy & Paul’s wedding day.

Wedding Planner: My Bellissima
Ceremony/Reception: Oheka Castle
Photographer: dMdC Photography
Hair & Makeup Artist: Janessa Pare
Florist: A Touch of Elegance
Reception Entertainment: Metropolitan Hot Club,
and DDM Entertainment

Congratulations, Lizzy and Paul!

CU Jubilation! MORE: Spring Concert ft. Starfield (4.16.13)

CU Jubilation! Presents:
MORE: Spring Benefit Concert ft. Starfield
Highlights Film

Jordan Critz – “Until We Meet Again”
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographer – Joshua Lee & Hayeong Choi

On April 16, 2013, Columbia University’s Christian Acapella Group “Jubilation!” held a Spring Benefit Concert entitled “MORE” featuring Canadian Christian band Starfield and sponsored by World Vision. James Lee Films was asked to cover the event, and we decided to make use of our storytelling abilities. πŸ™‚

Julie and I first heard about MORE when Julie, being herself an alum of “Jubilation!”, received a letter requesting donations and prayers. We immediately decided to give and to pray for the benefit concert. But a few days later, Jube president and old acapella buddy Josephine Wei contacted me saying that she was seeking professional coverage for the concert and I jubilantly (harhar) accepted. I began to do research on the concert’s theme and purpose, and came across a cute promo they made asking people “Tell me what you need MORE of in your life!” People responded with answers such as “more sleep,” or “more coffee,” or “more Jesus,” etc. The theme “MORE” was an exciting choice, and while sharing her testimony on the day of the concert Josephine described the theme of the concert in relation to why they are holding a benefit concert for World Vision: “All we need is more of God and His love, and from there, God drives us to pursue Him more, to love Him more, and to love others more.”

Unfortunately, Julie was a bit under the weather and had to sit out for this event, but I had great help from my brother Joshua Lee and my new assistant Hayeong Choi. The three of us made an awesome team. Thanks guys for making the day a smooth one. Special thanks also to CU’s media staff for helping us get clean audio feeds. Overall the concert was a great time to enjoy awesome music both from Jube! and Starfield, and to be reminded that we can always love more – and giving to the world is one way to do that.

For more information:
World Vision:

And you can see our concert coverage here:

JLF Meets Starfield


5) It’s About Relationships

Two weeks ago I published a long overdue blog post on the lessons I learned in 2012. But I realized that I forgot to include one very important lesson, and I would like to take this opportunity to fill-in number 5:

Julie and me at Cy and Mavil Loreto’s Renewal of Vows. Photo by JR Pena Photography (

5) It takes relationships. Nothing that James Lee Films accomplished in 2012 (and will ever accomplish) would have been possible without the people who cared and the relationships we made.

With our couples, we took it to heart from the beginning that we needed to get to know couples as people (and not ‘cattle’ – thanks stillmotion!). From there sparked friendships that allowed us to capture moments that wouldn’t have been made available to strangers! Thus came films that were not cookie-cutter videos but stories that anyone could watch and feel a personal connection with the couple and attendees in the film.

With out fellow vendors, we took it to heart early that it was crucial to get in touch with other vendors before the day to go over the details together and stay in clear communication throughout the whole day. This also led to a much higher quality film; the films we made would not have been possible without the relationships we had with fellow photographers, DJ’s, venues, presiders, planners/coordinators, etc. – JR Pena Photography, Wayne and Angela Photographers, Elite Rhythms Entertainment, and My Bellissima to name a few.

And for those of you who do video or filmmaking of any kind know that it is never a one-person job. James Lee Films would never have been possible without an awesome crew. Youmin Woo and Mike Huang helped as shooters on one or more occasions, and I can say I trust their talent to capture moments where I’m not there. My brother Josh Lee and photographer Scott Tsai assisted us as well in the details of the day. And my beautiful and awesome wife Julie; she really makes James Lee Films stand. Her roles have been – and are definitely not limited to – cinematographer (she has shot most of our weddings with me), creative consultant (no wedding film goes out without her ‘okay’), business consultant (Our finances are managed together), lead ‘packager’ (Every package to our couples is personally designed and wrapped by Julie), and quality control manager (She verifies that our branding is consistent throughout). If I’m the person with a crazy idea, she’s the one who makes it a reality. Above all else, she’s never doubted my passion and always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Thank you Julie. πŸ™‚

And dear crazy (and even not-so-crazy) fans, James Lee Films would not have been possible without your love. After all, our line of work is not high-volume work, and so word-of-mouth will always be our main source of clientele. Again, it’s all about the relationships. Stay awesome guys, and we’ll continue to challenge ourselves to create innovative films.

If you’re joining the club, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Keep them coming! πŸ™‚

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