Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I have James Lee Films for my wedding day?

James Lee Films is a private-owned company specializing in wedding cinematography based in New Jersey ran by lead filmmakers James and Julie Lee (yes, we are married!). We have a great team of cinematographers who gush over love stories and are passionate about what they do.

We here at James Lee Films are in the memory business. Ask any of your friends or family who were married recently, and I’m sure they will all tell you that the wedding day is gone in a flash. The food is gone, the venue vacated, the DJ and MC packing up, the flowers withering away or taken by family members. Don’t get us wrong, these ALL very important aspects of your day! But after the dust settles only a few things remain – and your wedding film is one of them. In fact, this investment will be with you for your lifetime.

2. Why don’t you have your price charts on your site? We are just comparing prices.

We certainly understand budgets, but we don’t want to be a “number” to you (and we certainly don’t want YOU to be just a “number” to us!). We here at James Lee Films believe that it is only when we develop a relationship with you and get to know you as a couple that we can produce a genuine, lasting wedding film. Not showing our prices on the site encourages couples to take the time to look at our previous films and then contact us directly. When someone contacts us excited about the quality of our work and the moments they see we capture that no one else does, it allows us to get to know each other – and ultimately leads to the creation of a priceless film. After a short phone call or in-person meeting, we’d LOVE to go over our offerings and prices once we know we’ll be a good fit.

3. Why is your final product only 12 minutes long when you will be at my wedding for 8 to 10 hours?/Do you give out raw footage?

We understand you may feel you are “missing out” on a lot of what we captured from your wedding day. But nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of sending you a boring five hour wedding video, we take ALL the perfect moments large and small from your wedding, as well as details you may have missed and truly create a “film”, a narrative of your day. You do have the option of purchasing a “Documentary Edit” or all the raw footage we come away with on a separate hard drive. But the best analogy is this: Hollywood spends 9-12 months to film and prepare for a 1.5-2 hour feature length film. Imagine ALL that footage they whittle down to create a compelling story, that’s entertaining and convenient to watch. We do the same thing! Only we only have 10 hours to make the magic happen. And no second takes at a wedding.

Still not sure if you want raw footage or not? Check out a past blog post on the topic.

4. We don’t want a production made of our wedding day. How are you able to get all these moments without us or our guests noticing?

Rest assured; we here at James Lee Films aspire to becoming discrete and unobtrusive for most of your wedding day. Sure, you’ll know when we get to the venue and we’ll encourage you when you’re nervous getting ready, but once the ceremony starts, we’re gone from your sight. You’ll actually notice your photographer more than you’ll see us. We don’t set up shots, and we don’t have cameras in anyone’s face. We certainly don’t ask you do things over again. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to get the genuine moments our past couples enjoyed receiving and the moments you have felt watching the films we share online.

5. Do you offer photography?

No, James Lee Films specializes in cinematography only, but we can recommend some amazing photographers that we work with frequently that are just as passionate about their craft as we are ours. We feel that the majority of studios that offer both photography and videography services, or even DJ companies that offer videography, can’t really focus 100% on doing the best job they can for both services. We don’t want to water down your video or photo experience by trying to offer both. Let us know if you need some recommendations!

6. Do we get to pick our own music?

Yes, and no. You are hiring us to create a narrative film that represents your wedding day to the best of our ability. So naturally, if you are adamant about having “Party Rock” in your film but it doesn’t fit the mood or feeling of your day, we aren’t doing our job. If you remember any movie you watched recently, the soundtrack rarely dictates the narrative, but rather it is there to support it. Likewise, when we edit our films we choose soundtracks that fit with your day – and not fit your day into a song. From a logistics perspective, we license all of our music properly and so are limited in our song choice (most popular songs are unavailable); so that other videographer who agrees to have “Party Rock” in your wedding film is probably not following the law. With that said, we want this film to represent you, not us! We always welcome a list of songs that has deep meaning for the two of you and will take it into serious consideration when we select the soundtrack of your film.

7. Do you have videographers/liability insurance?

Yes we do. We can provide a certificate of insurance if your venue requires it.

8. How do we reserve our date?

You will be considered officially booked once we have a signed contract and a non-refundable retainer of $1000. The remaining balance is due three weeks prior to the actual event. We accept checks and all major credit cards.

It’s first come first serve, so contact us about your wedding day!