Helen & Arnold: Teaser Trailer

Helen & Arnold
Wedding Teaser Trailer
Kerry Muzzey – Carlito and Gordito
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Hayeong Choi

Helen and Arnold made the cutest couple we’ve seen yet. The couple made their personally-written vows at the beautiful Nanina’s In the Park outdoor venue. Just the day before the weather was terrible with thunderstorms, but on the day-of the sky remained solid blue all day long. But the day was still wet with the tears of joy from Helen and Arnold. Seeing the tears when she read his card and during their first look, we were all able to see how much they loved each other.

I always like to highlight the photographer of each wedding because I understand how easy it may be for many photographers and videographers to butt-heads during a wedding day. Helen and Arnold’s photographer, Albert Cheung, was a complete joy and honor to work with.

Congratulations again, Helen and Arnold!