CU Jubilation! MORE: Spring Concert ft. Starfield (4.16.13)

CU Jubilation! Presents:
MORE: Spring Benefit Concert ft. Starfield
Highlights Film

Jordan Critz – “Until We Meet Again”
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographer – Joshua Lee & Hayeong Choi

On April 16, 2013, Columbia University’s Christian Acapella Group “Jubilation!” held a Spring Benefit Concert entitled “MORE” featuring Canadian Christian band Starfield and sponsored by World Vision. James Lee Films was asked to cover the event, and we decided to make use of our storytelling abilities. 🙂

Julie and I first heard about MORE when Julie, being herself an alum of “Jubilation!”, received a letter requesting donations and prayers. We immediately decided to give and to pray for the benefit concert. But a few days later, Jube president and old acapella buddy Josephine Wei contacted me saying that she was seeking professional coverage for the concert and I jubilantly (harhar) accepted. I began to do research on the concert’s theme and purpose, and came across a cute promo they made asking people “Tell me what you need MORE of in your life!” People responded with answers such as “more sleep,” or “more coffee,” or “more Jesus,” etc. The theme “MORE” was an exciting choice, and while sharing her testimony on the day of the concert Josephine described the theme of the concert in relation to why they are holding a benefit concert for World Vision: “All we need is more of God and His love, and from there, God drives us to pursue Him more, to love Him more, and to love others more.”

Unfortunately, Julie was a bit under the weather and had to sit out for this event, but I had great help from my brother Joshua Lee and my new assistant Hayeong Choi. The three of us made an awesome team. Thanks guys for making the day a smooth one. Special thanks also to CU’s media staff for helping us get clean audio feeds. Overall the concert was a great time to enjoy awesome music both from Jube! and Starfield, and to be reminded that we can always love more – and giving to the world is one way to do that.

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