Karl & Hasook: Highlights

We were hit with superstorm Sandy here in the east coast, and were out of power for quite a while. I’m glad I was finally able to get back on my editing workstations. (which I now understand take up power, and a LOT of it…)

Karl & Hasook
Wedding Highlights
Mike Schmid “To Show You My Love”

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Shooters – Julie Selnekovic-Lee & Joshua Lee

Karl and Hasook got married October 20, 2012 at Hope Presbyterian Church in Teaneck, NJ. Though a shy couple, their love for one another was visible through in their small gestures and expressions, which I hoped I’ve captured and presented in this film. They began their day at Studio Berry in Fort Lee where they got ready and took some studio photos. I had a great learning experience with Studio Berry, as their style was very traditional Korean and not something I was exposed to before. Luckily, we contacted the photographers prior to the wedding day as is our standard procedure and we were able to communicate comfortably throughout the day.

Our crew for this wedding consisted of my talented wife Julie as our second shooter, and my Joshua Lee as our assistant and occasional shooter. Overall, we had a fun and blessed experience.

Congratulations again, Karl and Hasook!