Lanlen & Ken: Two Films in One Night

This wedding was an amazing event for James Lee Films, not only because we got to witness Lanlen and Ken tie the knot after nine years together, but also because we premiered two films in one night.

The first was their Concept Short Film. When I met Lan and Ken for the first time they shared with me how they wanted to make a parody on A-ha’s “Take On Me” music video with a zombie twist to it. Right away I knew that this was going to be a fun couple to work with. Shooting the CSF was a great opportunity for us to get to know Lan, Ken, and their bridal party, and overall it was a really fun day in the city. Big thank you to Rahul and Sasha for letting us use your beautiful place. The piece was edited on Premiere and After Effects to complete the comic book effects; and it was screened right before Lan and Ken were introduced into the reception hall.

Lanlen & Ken
As screened on 6.8.13
Wedding Concept Short Film
An A-ha “Take On Me” Parody
Music used with permission

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographer – Hayeong Choi

The second film premiered was the Same Day Edit of the wedding day. Lan and Ken proclaimed their vows in the beautiful St. Joseph’s Church in North Plainfield, NJ and celebrated the reception at the Grand Colonial in Hampton, NJ. This is actually the first official Same Day Edit for James Lee Films, so I was both very excited and nervous at the same time. Luckily, there were long periods in the car moving between locations, and my partner-in-crime-for-life Julie offered to drive, so I was able to spend time editing in the car before finally arriving at the final venue. After shooting the couple’s first dance, I entered into full-editing mode and produced the film two hours after the reception party started, with a total editing time around three hours and thirty minutes. The stress that amounts to meet the demands to produce an SDE is great, but witnessing Lan and Ken watch as their day unfolded on the big screen certainly made up for all of it. Here is Lan and Ken’s SDE:

Lanlen & Ken
Wedding Same Day Edit
Stars Go Dim – “Now or Never”
Licensed by Songfreedom

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Hayeong Choi

Quick shout-outs to Ray Sison Photography for being an awesome photographer to work with, and Lifetime Entertainment for assisting in screening our films.

We will have reactions with the two videos up later this week as well. Until then, we hope you enjoy these films.
Congratulations again, Lanlen and Ken! 😀