Megha & Chirag: Engagement Highlights Film

Megha & Chirag
Engagement Highlights Film
Blake Stratton – Leave On A Light (Instrumental)
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographer – Julie Selnekovic-Lee

Julie and Megha were friends since the first grade, and Megha was the Maid of Honor for our wedding. Whenever we hung out with her, she was always full of life and had a certain level of peace, like she’s got everything under control, and I always had high regard for her because of it. Then one day, Julie told me that she started seeing this guy named Chirag, who she used to date in high school. Now, before Megha and Chirag, I firmly believed that once a couple goes their separate ways, coming back together will never work out – this of course, completely changed when I met with the two of them. They told me how they were very young in high school, and the time apart let them mature and become better partners for each other. While the four of us were painting ceramics together in Philly, I realized they were perfect together – and I knew that if it were to ever happen, I wanted to film Megha and Chirag’s wedding.

On May 17, 2014, Megha and Chirag held an engagement ceremony at Megha’s home in Browns Mills, NJ. The day was not only a joining of two individuals but of two families as they shared their respective traditions. The day was fully of laughter, joy, and love.

Congratulations, Megha and Chirag!