Megha & Chirag: Teaser Trailer

Megha & Chirag
4.30.15 – 5.2.15
Wedding Film Teaser Trailer
The Westin, Mt. Laurel, NJ
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Dan Dai ( and Victor Lee

This is the second year where we had one special wedding in January, then didn’t really start the wedding season until May. This year, we started our string of wedding films with a beautiful Indian wedding of none other than Megha and Chirag- the couple who’s engagement film we shot last year. As we mentioned in the previous post, Megha and Chirag knew each other for about 13 years, and their families knew each other for as long as well. In the stories that were told, I learned that this marriage really wasn’t only two people who were crazy in-love making it official, but two families joining together.

Megha and Chirag’s ceremony began on April 30 at Megha’s home; then the festivities were held in The Westin in Mt. Laurel, NJ from Friday May 1 to Saturday May 2. The colors and celebrations were beautiful, and the love these two had for each other even more. The wedding days were full of laughter, joy, and love.

We had a great team for this wedding: best friend and fellow filmmaker Daniel Dai, and the talented Victor Lee joined our team for this season and made his JLF debut with this three day wedding. We’re very blessed to have him with us. Photography was captured by the talented Hanel Choi; it such a pleasure working with him again. Overall, this was an amazing wedding with many special events – I’m looking forward to piecing the final wedding feature film together. Until then, I hope enjoy this trailer!

Congratulations again, Megha and Chirag!