Michelle & Henry: Highlights

Michelle & Henry // Highlights (11.18.12) from James Lee Films on Vimeo.

Michelle & Henry
Wedding Highlights
Secrets in Stereo – “Happy”

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Mike Huang and Julie Selnekovic-Lee

Henry and Michelle became husband and wife on November 18, 2012. Although I have now done a handful of weddings under the name of ‘James Lee Films’ this first year, Michelle and Henry were the first ones to sign a contract with us.  I still remember our meetings at Jersey City sipping bubble tea, and I especially remember how cool Michelle and Henry were. I knew that it was going to be smooth capturing their wedding day.

But it didn’t start as a smooth day for Henry, as him and his groomsmen had to battle through a slew of vicious door games Michelle’s bridesmaids had prepared. After a few wasabi-induced tears and missing hair strands, Henry finally got see Michelle, and ultimately shared vows with her at the beautiful Westmount Country Club.

This was also a special wedding for me in that it became a reunion of sorts. My wife Julie ran the day as main cinematographer along with my good friend and partner-in-crime Mike Huang of ZHCinematography, who flew in from Wisconsin to help shoot this wedding. When hearing Mike was coming, Scott Tsai offered to help out as our assistant for the day. Not only did the three of us work on weddings and video projects together before, Mike and Scott also shot Julie and my wedding video and photos. What a day.

It was a wonderful privilege working alongside photographers Wayne and Angela to capture Michelle and Henry’s story. Liked our discussions on how to deal with the rise of Uncle Joe photographers (planning a blog post on “unplugged” weddings).

Congratulations, Michelle and Henry! 😀