Newest Member of the JLF Crew

I realize that I’m quite overdue for a non-wedding-film blog post. There have been many changes in my life this past year, but the increase in weddings (which I’m certainly not complaining about) has kept me from sharing every single event with you all. BUT there is one that I simply cannot go on without mentioning.

We have a new member in JLF. 

Earlier this year in January, Julie and I found out that we were pregnant with our first child. Since we always wanted to have a large family we decided to start trying this new year, but it did happen sooner than we had thought. We were excited and nervous when we realized that while many joys of having a child awaited us, so did many changes to our daily routine. Julie and I had shot every wedding together up until that point. Was that going to change? And how? Over the months we asked many questions and began figuring things out.

Julie came out to weddings up until the day she was full-term; Sandra and Phil’s wedding late September was the first wedding I did without her since my very first wedding ever. While I had trustworthy colleagues alongside me and all the weddings were smooth-sailing, not having my partner-in-crime was certainly a change in workflow. I guess one of my other largest concern was what if Julie goes into labor when I’m in the middle of a wedding? I did not want to be that dad that missed to birth because of work! I arranged all the weddings in October so that if I had to leave suddenly, another shooter would be on-call and come to replace me. Also lots prayer went into this concern. Thankfully, I did not have to call that other shooter.

October 3, 12:13am, Amy Lee was born. Every day since then has been a journey full of joy and love, but also trials and struggles. Julie and I had a pretty set routine before the birth; all that went out the window after Amy showed up. Nowadays, I’d been editing like this:

And it really depends on her mood whether I’d be editing like that for 3 hours or 10 minutes. But I don’t want to miss any moment of her childhood! Better keep her strapped to my body for as long as I can (I realize the day would come when she doesn’t want anything to do with me. Figured I’d enjoy her presence till then…) .  And for those of you who are curious, I’m using the Moby Wrap. It’s basically a really long cloth and keeps her tied onto me. The baby is very snug in it and if asleep can stay for hours. Julie tells me it’s very similar to how she felt when she was pregnant, only the baby is attached to your chest rather than your belly. For the most part it’s very comfortable. JLF stamp of approval.

Apologies to our couples whose wedding films are slightly delayed at the moment due to this change. Do not fear, for I am editing away and they are coming! We want to make sure that each film is well-crafted before we send it to you, and I personally edit each and every film. I don’t want this change in our life be an excuse for a decrease in quality of our work. If anything, I’d want it be even better than ever before.

As part of our general workflow, for us to consider a film a “completed film” it needs to “wow” Julie (and I’m sure Amy will join in once she reaches a certain age). Our hope is that they will “wow” you as well.

Thank you again, all our 2014 couples for choosing us to capture your films! We’ve officially finished our last 2014 wedding and are now looking ahead to 2015, which looks like it’ll be quite an exciting year. Stay tuned!

– James