“Our Lives Our Births”: The Midwives of New Jersey Reality Series // Episode 1

We here at James Lee Films love shooting weddings, but they aren’t the only thing we do. In fact, the reason why we love weddings is because fundamentally we love telling stories that inspire others. That is why we jump onto projects like this one – here is a story that many people are still unaware of but if told, can truly inspire change in the way people see birth.

Julie and I gave birth to our first child through the Midwives of New Jersey last October, and the entire experience has been very educational and empowering. During Julie’s pregnancy I was so inspired by their story and philosophy that I told them what I do and that I’d be more than happy to shoot a short commercial for them. For awhile I heard nothing, and I didn’t think much of it.

Then a few weeks after Amy’s birth, Lisa emailed me and told me that she was interested in my services, and asked if I am able to make a reality show for them. No, I’ve never done that before, but I wasn’t one to turn down a good challenge. I sat down with Lisa and she poured out her vision for this reality series. I took it all in and began to break it down into episodes. My experience scheduling shoots and creating Columbia’s KSA making a Korean Drama series back in 2011 really came in handy here.

And this is what we came up with:

Here is what the Midwives wrote on their blog post:
“Midwifery continues to be an unknown profession. The word midwife still conjures up mental images of hippies or old grannies arriving at someone’s home to deliver their baby with a lot of boiling water and screaming in the mix. I am regularly asked the difference between doulas and midwives, and my answer is always“a weekend course versus a Master’s degree”. It is troubling to think that our image remains unchanged after so many years.

The Midwives of New Jersey are on a mission to raise the awareness of midwifery care all across the United States. We want to give a glimpse into a day in the life of a modern midwife in practice. Our Lives, Our Births-The Midwives of New Jersey is the pilot episode in a series of videos we have contracted to produce for the general public.

We want the show to be an entertaining and informative way to educate women about midwifery and childbirth and hopefully help all midwives gain more credibility in the eyes of the general public.”

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More episodes are to come, so stay tuned! The fastest way to see them would be to subscribe to the Midwives Youtube Channel.
For more information on the Midwives of New Jersey, go to: midwivesofnj.com.