Patricia & Ryan: Same Day Edit

Patricia & Ryan
As screened on 5.10.14
Wedding Same Day Edit
Ben Rector – When I’m With You
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Daniel Dai

Cinematography: James Lee Films
Photography: JR Pena Photography
DJ/Entertainment: Daniel Linares Entertainment
Venue: St Mary’s Church, Nutley, NJ and Highlawn Pavilion, West Orange, NJ

James Lee Films begun the wedding season a bit late in 2014, but these last few months we’ve been quite occupied with non-wedding video production works such as nonprofits and church media. We’re excited to share with you our first step into 2014 with our now quickly-coming line of wedding films with Patricia and Ryan’s wedding. Patricia and Ryan said their tearful vows on May 10, 2014 before God and many at St. Mary’s Church in Nutley, NJ, and finished the night celebrating at the Highlawn Pavilion.

Photography by JR Pena (

This wedding was such a blessing for the JLF crew. From earlier in the week, we were aware that the forecast for Saturday was heavy rain – and as the day approached the forecast eventually became scattered thunderstorms! We were especially bummed with the weather because the beauty of the Highlawn is that you can see the NYC city scape when the weather is clear. But Patricia and Ryan were cool and didn’t let the weather forecast phase them at all and simply focused on one another. The awesome, manly-man Ryan broke into tears as he saw his beautiful bride walking down the aisle. The amazing thing was, rain poured down heavily while we were in-transit from the church to the reception venue – but when we arrived and parked the car, the rain stopped and we saw several rainbows appear in the sky. Surely, God’s favor was over this wedding day! The rest of the shoot and night was full of love and joy.

Photography by JR Pena (

Photography by JR Pena (

Same Day Edits are always very difficult to pull-off and yet highly rewarding when you do. When we first turned on the video, not many people were there watching it – but soon a crowd began to gather, and laughter and tears ensued. When I saw Patricia and Ryan in tears to see their day and coming over to give me a hug, I know I did my job. Every time I make a film, I challenge myself to do better than before, and this time I feel as though I succeeded. Please, take time to watch the film and even the reactions of the couple below!

An another amazing thing about this wedding was that every vendor attached to this wedding was top-class and absolutely a joy to work with. Shout out to JR Pena for being an awesome photographer as always, and Daniel Linares for being awesome with holding a party and helping us run the SDE presentation. I highly recommend both of these vendors. Our crew consisted of my partner-for-life Julie, who was making a wedding film while making a baby, and good friend and fellow wedding filmmaker Daniel Dai from M3Crew helped us out. It being a Same Day Edit wedding, I wanted to make sure I had the best with me, and looking back I know I made the best choices.

Congratulations again, Patricia and Ryan!