Unice & Glenn John: Same Day Edit

Unice & Glenn John
As screened on 10.5.13
Wedding Same Day Edit
The Ember Days “It Is Well”
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Julie Selnekovic-Lee and Hayeong Choi

Julie and I met Unice and Glenn John at our church last year, and I got excited when they asked me about wedding cinematography. What got me more excited was that they and asked Pastor John Meyers, who officiated our wedding, to officiate their wedding as well. I was astonished and encouraged to hear their story during the filming of their Love Story Film, how the struggles they had the past year strengthened their faith in God and brought them closer to one another. It was a blessing to have witnessed their vows at the beautiful Stone House at Stirling Ridge on the morning of October 5, 2013.
Glenn John really wanted a Same Day Edit for his wedding, to which I excitedly obliged. Their SDE film was screened in front of Unice, Glenn John, and their friends and family. It was a joy to see them full of emotions as they witnessed their day unfold.

Special thanks to Glenn from MPW who was a great photographer to work with and Paul Anthony for being awesome with our SDE presentation. Both were highly professional and working with them was smooth like butter.

Congratulations again, Unice and Glenn John!