Youmin & YoonGuan: “Wrapped Up In Love” Short Film

Youmin & Yoon Guan
Wedding Short Feature Film
NJ Joyful Church, Fort Lee, NJ
Kean University: Liberty Museum, Union, NJ
Licensed by TheMusicBed

Director/DP/Editor – James Lee
Cinematographers – Dan Dai ( and Victor Lee

Turns out May was a month for friends’ weddings for James Lee Films. We started the month capturing Megha and Chirag’s awesome Indian wedding, and we finished the month with the wedding of our best friends, Youmin and Yoon Guan (Mike). I’ve known Youmin since middle school and were best friends since high school. I met Mike in seminary. and we pretty much took at least one class per semester together. After meeting through a friends gathering they started dating two years ago, and this year they decided to tie the knot. Both have assisted me in weddings before, so I think they knew the drill and what to expect from us. (See HERE and HERE for weddings they helped out). Perhaps it was because of this that I was motivated to go the extra mile and surprise them with an awesome wedding film that would blow them away. I don’t think the final product disappoints.

Youmin and Yoon Guan held their ceremony at their home church NJ Joyful Church in Fort Lee, NJ, and celebrated the night away in the beautiful Liberty Hall Museum in Kean University, Union, NJ. The day was filled with laughter and funny moments, the highlight being the ‘Unity Burrito.’ Y&Y looove Chipotle, and, at Yoon Guan’s request, Groomsman Rev. Michael Sparrow put together a beautiful liturgy that involved family and friends putting together different ingredients into the burrito, each symbolizing an ‘ingredient’ necessary for a healthy marriage. At the end, the wrapped that burrito and took a bite out of it. It was awesome. For this awesome feat, I think Chipotle should award this couple with free year’s supply of burritos or something (I’m seriously going to ask; I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes).

Y&Y’s wedding was also a time for reuniting and healing. Both sides of the family live far from each other, many coming from Korea and Youmin’s brother flying in from Vegas. It was especially touching to see Youmin escorted down the aisle with her father, whom she had not seen for many years. Many friends who have become like family over the years shared in their tears of joy.

We had a great team for this wedding: Daniel Dai and Victor Lee returned to make this wedding film awesome. Photography was captured by the talented Sally and Robert Pinera of Sally Pinera Photography, previously Reverie Supply; their dynamic as a husband-and-wife team was awesome, and it was a great pleasure working with them. It seriously made me miss my days working with my wife.

Overall, this was an amazing wedding, and I hope this film would inspire you to love more.
Congratulations again, Youmin and Yoon Guan!